The First Consultation

We begin with a friendly and relaxed session lasting around one hour in which we find out about your medical, gynaecological and family history and discuss your expectations. A basic family and psychological profile is developed to ensure the suitability of individual partners to participate in the gender selection programme. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss any areas of concern until you are entirely reassured.  

Medical Information
It is helpful if you are able to provide any relevant medical notes. Occasionally the consultation may involve simple clinical tests and/or a general pelvic examination. If further tests or a previous medical history is required, these can usually be obtained on a subsequent visit.  

The Rainsbury Clinic normally sends a letter to your GP, summarising the intended medication and subsequent IVF/embryo selection process, but we understand the sensitivity which some couples may have about any contact with their GP and no such communication will take place without your consent.  

Providing you are medically healthy and psychologically suitable, you will be offered a treatment arrangement. Start dates and other practical issues are discussed to ensure that treatment, and hopefully the resulting pregnancy, are planned for the most suitable time.  

What Next?
We send you detailed information with all the forms and information you need. This includes contact information for our in-country travel agent who will assist you to make the most appropriate travel arrangements.

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